Valentin Yudashkin





Valentin Yudashkin represented Spring/Summer 2017 collection in Paris

On October 4th, 2016 Valentin Yudashkin will present the new Spring/Summer 2017 prêt-à-porter collection as part of the Paris Fashion Week.

Together with Valentin Yudashkin we will endeavor to travel though time: transporting to the 80’s, where trends were set by the constructive hi-tech style with its sculpture-like shapes, sharpness and hard lines, where the oversize trend prevailed and women borrowed essential details of the male toilette to add them to their elegant and sensual looks. For the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection Valentin Yudashkin decided to pay respect to these important milestones of the fashion and design history and created newly interpreted looks by using new fabric and adding new combinations.

The designer borrows spectacular elements and details of the male toilette applying them to the elegant and exquisite female images connecting masculinity with fragility. Valentin Yudashkin actively experiments with classic details of attire and sports elements within the collection creating eclectic ensembles. “Today women are extremely active and busy” says the designer “It is therefore essential for them to have practical solutions within their wardrobes which would combine classic elegance with athletic motives. All of this can be seen in the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. We present new proportions, forms and shapes that emphasize women’s grace and elegance”.

The new collection is centered on a constructive and hard fit with emphasized lines: large male fit jackets with an extended shoulder base, grotesque blazers embroidered with decorative plates, beads and spangles, wide straight fit overcoats-parkas made from delicate tulle and pencil skirts which stress the austerity of the lines. Valentin Yudashkin proposes to combine large jackets with light dresses made from tulle and silk in order to create exquisite and feminine ensembles.

The designer introduces boyfriend style trousers as part of the collection – narrow at the bottom, with pleats; straight fit high waist pajama trousers, loose and elegant silk blouses and oblique cut dresses. The collection has a large amount of athletic style décor pieces such as pats, buttons, laces and zippers complementing exquisite tops and blousons.

The Valentin Yudashkin Spring/Summer 2017 collection also introduces A-shaped slim fit dresses with metal backfilling that is hand-embroidered with beads, spangles, bugle and stones, skirts and gode-dresses with metallic leather décor. They underline the elegance of the silhouette and once again remind us of hi-tech with its numerous silver colored metallic, glass and plastic details. By looking at the 80’s techno style Valentin Yudashkin creates ensembles using tops and shorts fully embroidered with rhinestone and spangles and combining the pieces with tulle and silk dresses worn over them. This way the designer gains a stereo effect by altering the feel of space and texture.

Costume cotton, silk twill, taffeta, organza, chiffon, linen, denim, jersey, special technical fabric with laser spraying, hi-tech prints and geometrical patterns are all used in the collection. The color spectrum of the collection speaks entirely about femininity – pleasant, powder shades: beige, milk, pale tea rose, and opal white complimented by noble sky-grey, pearl, blueberry and metallic chrome. These tender shades together with elegant silhouettes and exquisite shapes of the new collection create an outstanding summer cocktail of femininity, sensuality and grace.