3.1 Phillip Lim


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3.1 Phillip Lim A/W 2012 Press Release

Using frequencies of white to amplify color, cutting through background noise to create a balanced visual symphony.

Streamlining volume and flipping proportions to find a modern equilibrium. Tension is created by using organza shirt cases to cover traditional elements of a man’s wardrobe, contrasting colors to add intensity – everything held together with a high waisted, slipknot belt to alter visual proportions.

Bonded leathers and meltons, pressed vintage herringbone, hounds tooth jacquards, transparent knitted organzas and transparent latex

Color Palette
Shades of white, grays from soft to charcoal, putty tones, intense reds in Flame and Venom, midnight, carolina blue, berries, burgundies, and ox-blood Detail
Hounds tooth in various applications in a traditional jacquard, intarsia, quilted stitch, print. Seen in suiting in a shadow jacquard technique through to an oversized digitized version in wool melton.

Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of counter-cultures in the mid 60’s, an era when dressing was an expression used by rudeboys, suedeheads, bootboys and punks to band together as outliers of society to behold and belong.