Henrik Vibskov


Henrik Vibskov welcomes you into the nutty universe of The Jaw Nuts Piece, the autumn winter 2016 collection. A great cover unveils the 22 meter long scissor structure that carries 200 blabbering and clapping wooden heads. The wooden heads are a postmodern and Asian inspired take on the traditional nutcracker. The heads’ broken language is simulating a time of an extreme and overwhelming information flow. Unstoppable information or misinformation that drives human to the boarder of sanity.
A stressful and alarming soundscape will accompany the nutcrackers nervous loud jaw braking ticking and create an overwhelming sound wave to paralyze its audience.
How does the brain store all of this information? An imaginary structure of a brain keeps everything in neat order – Or does everything loose its meaning? A straight walnut or a deconstructed mind.
Placement print on pleats, that scatters the statement it tries to communicate. Eyepleasing jazz posters and early twentieth century commercial packaging, offering itself to one. An inferno of stripes and colours erupted by the construction of the garment.
A palette of dark end colours are contrasted with bright colours inspired by 50’s labelling and packaging, colours of an offset printer. Italian custom made bonded wool in black and white and a 4-coloured option. Soft wool weaved in Great Britain and 3D knitwear.
Studio made armorlike wood pieces are used as ornaments on footwear and headpieces offering the models protection as they walk around the blabbering and clapping mob of wood heads. Stripes on shoes and on bonds across the body derive details from the traditional nutcracker – which purpose was to protect the mind and homes.
Henrik Vibskov is currently working on a big solo exhibition Stockholm opening may 2016, the costumes for 2 new plays COW at Semperoper Dresdsen White magic in Graz Austria , the Swanlake at Oslo Opera House having a Replay, gonna be represented at Art Cologne.