GUSTAVOLINS Spring Summer 2014

As a framework, in absolute reference, the architecture as in written by Tadao Ando, the simplicity of its perfection. Its unique and contemporary esthetic plays with space and nature, water and light, concrete and wood. In between the physical reality and the lightness of the spirit.

« Tadao Ando’s work has always impressed me. This architecture that leaves space to emptiness, the role of light, … »

Gustavo Lins, degreed as an architect, remembers to build an urban atmosphere through his collections on which floats a rainforest smell. As a reminder of the brazilians cities that cradled him. The first sensations felt awaken the forgotten impressions and are found again in the work of creation anchored in the city. The memory of the designer seeks its roots in archaic benchmarks to build the balance of its lines

He uses fabrics that arouse the sense of touch, that favour the sensation and the tactil. He works grey shades to overthrow flashes of color rand dense forest prints.

Footprint of a collection

The collection builds outfits to dress a week, from Sunday to Saturday.

Gustavo Lins offers a bunch in condensed, adapted to the current lifestyles but claims to stay basic and timeless. The clothes are structured, highly articulated – knees, armholes, hips, shoulders – yet adjusted close to the body. The cut follows the «carcass», the anatomy of the body in motion and offers comfort and flexibility. Since he began nine years ago, Gustavo Lins includes in each collection at least one piece that can be reused by one or another, either a jacket or a bag.

Man, the essential cloakroom :

2 jackets, one more formal, the other more sporty

+ 1 trench coat

+ 1 choice of 3 or 4 shirts

+ 3 trousers (2 in warp and weft, the other in knitwear)

+ 1 cardigan

+ 1 sweatshirt

+ 1 t-shirt

The knitwear marks its territory in the locker room and some elements naturally tip over from a masculin to a femine outfit. It comes as a complete theme or as a singular accessory: cardigan, sweater, trousers or dress.

The gesture of the artist is digital treated: the painting is translated into a digital pattern to knit.

Colors : Grey concrete – Midnight Blue – Yellow absinthe Vermeer – Pink blush powder – bleuet steel – green fees or grey lavender.

White tinged with a dash of pink pastel.

And black ink to mark and highlight the differences.

Models of the day : a diversity of urban caracteristics and a collection arousing the expression of all.

Monsieur & Madame Hadida