J. JS Lee

Demonstrating a bold authority and growing confidence, J. JS Lee celebrates women’s empowerment and independence.
Through Jackie’s journey and search for a new abode, Victorian architecture and furnishings inspire Autumn Winter 2016.
This influence is amalgamated through a dominant silhouette, referencing late eighties and highlighting the evolution and revise of modern power dressing.
Reinterpreted classic menswear tailoring draws reference to the liberating change of women’s social and political role within society at the turn of the 19th century, during the Industrial Revolution, to offer contemporary utilitarian workwear.
Commanding authority, masculine tailored trouser suits are positioned alongside two-piece skirt suits, juxtaposed by heavy structured dress coats in French wool, featuring belted cinched in waists and voluminous full skirts, illustrating the contrast of this change in silhouette.
Hints of Victorian soft furnishings are translated through epaulette and hand stitched appliquéd tassel detailing.
A-line dresses in hand frayed patterned yarns alongside fringed necklines are contrasted with elegant, cropped jumpsuits, capes and overcoats.
Wide leg trousers and skirts feature tie-back, tassel-belted waist bands whilst oversized scarves are incorporated within collars for embellishment.
A Victorian colour palette of deep scarlet with mustard yellow is contrasted against monochrome hounds tooth.
The J. JS Lee woman reinforces resilience, strength and empowerment.