Lee Roach

Lee Roach Spring-Summer 2015 explores urban existence and protection through clothing beyond the idea of performance and as protection from an urban environment.
The collection utilizes traditional menswear summer fabrics, khaki lightweight linen, navy double faced linen (linen + virgin wool) and Japanese olive cotton re-interpreted as a modern urban uniform. Construction methods further reduce the interior components whilst resulting in a garment as clean internally as externally.
The brand’s signature strap fastening is re-interpreted using circular snaps producing a clean quick release fastening fitting with the urban existence.
The lightweight unlined construction, use of strapping and concealed fastenings create garments that further question formality.
The hood, both as part of the garment and as an independent piece, is an integral part of the urban uniform. Used to shield identity and protect from urban over crowding, the collection introduces individual hoods in technical and traditional fabrics.
The collection expands the brand’s range to include Falerio Sarti tech jersey and nylon modern technical sportswear.
Filo di Scozia long sleeve t-shirts and strap vests are combined with vinyl prints in orange, black and white inspired by compositions of military and sport uniforms.
Monochrome training shoe with military fast release zip, handmade in Italy, each shoe upper is made from a single piece of leather.


PRE-SHOW IMAGES  (By Charles Moriarty)