Fyodor Golan

‘Electric Children’
S/S 14
Spring Summer 2014 entitled ‘Electric Children’ concentrates on shape, colour and energy.

“Exploring the idea of modern dressing through an active lifestyle, ‘Electric Children’ is inspired by the route walked to our studio every day. Crossing over Waterloo Bridge, this journey encompasses women/men on bikes and morning runners alongside the River Thames. Drawn to an idea of flexible and energetic sportswear achieved through luxury fabrics, this season contradicts the traditional perspective of sportswear luxe. Exploring the complexity of motorcycle wear, SS14 incorporates this essence through pattern cutting in
various geometrical forms, delivering a distinct aesthetic of clean lines paired with combined textures, creating the FYODOR GOLAN TRIBE.”

The color scheme is bright, yellow and pink contrasting with soft, pastel hues of mint, baby blue and nude creating a dazed feeling, enchanted by multi-color feather splash embroideries and coloured splash prints. Structural but light, with accents of transparent pleating, snakeskin appears coated in pastel sugars, creating artificial, candy-like feelings of sexuality.