Christophe Josse


Couture Collection

Winter 2013-2014

Christophe Josse pays tribute to the winter color palette, deep and cottony, whose ivory, alabaster or limestone nuances always refer to the fabrics, as if he was watching the fuzzy outline of a memory disappearing into the mists of the Ural mountains.

These sharp silhouettes yet showcase enveloping curves.
The roughness of a milky felt is softened by the quilted embroidery of a raw thread, the leather of a peasant skirt is combined with the laces of a Victorian blouse.

The hand-woven silk fringed collar-scarf of a tee shirt contrasts with a cashmere pattern with cornely embroideries.

The collection consists of a succession of opalescent silhouettes, etherial images of a Steppes woman whose luxury resides in infinite discretion.