“Urban cut-up”, the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 capsule collection by Lucia Rousseau.

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Suggestions that come from urban architectures and the natural world, optical visions, aesthetics inspired by the digital world and a famous videogame, the Tetris, blending different volumes and patterns by using the cut-up, a celebrated literary technique by William Burroughs which is now placed in a new context in fashion, resulting from the overwhelming creativity of the L.Rousseau Capsule Collection. An idea – the cut-up – which cuts and mixes elements and images to create a new idea of femininity and new visions enhancing the urban element, successfully brought to life by a smashing play of cuts and mix of shapes, balancing each other while revealing the idea of “over sensuality”. It’s a dialogue between tradition and innovation, emphasizing an assertive and contemporary femininity. The optical patterns are a key element and embody geometries celebrating the art of Vaserely, expressed through fun, colored prints and impressed on different materials like cotton poplin, silk and Milano Stitch scuba diving. Sporty chic elements, skirts, trousers and highly technical coats, combined with light, silk shirts, born to be genuine passe-partout.
The show was a harmonic display of an intense dialogue between fashion and art, expressed on the catwalk also by singer-songwriter France de Griessen, chosen as brand testimonial – along with actress Cat Smits -France is a poliedric artist who opened the fashion show with a live performance, accompanied by Shanka. The live performance included tracks from her new album “Saint Sebastien”, embodying songs of joy and sadness under the sign of the most vibrant underground sounds. Her album has been released January 20th 2014. France’s music successfully expressed the mood depicted in the collection by Lucia Rousseau, blending in metropolitan suggestions and romanticism. A suggestive happening which celebrated art and 
fashion by L. Rousseau.