Diane Von Furstenberg

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Backstage Photos

After Party

FALL 2013

“Life is a party.”

Wrapped in a swirl of twisted chain link, she steps into the night, lights flashing. With an effortless glamour, she winks at herself and smiles at her shadow.

In sky-high metallic heels, she swaggers across the cityscape in a sea of dusty neutrals, dizzying prints, and smooth sienna shaded suede.

Painted in stardust, she commands a sharp, metallic blazer over a wild leopard printed pant with a sleek compact clutch. Silver leggings shimmer beneath a cropped jacket embellished with flames.

Like the Escher-esque birds on her flowing chiffon blouse, she is forever in motion. An angel appears as a sea of wings takes flight against a bright red sky; a long black dress is made light by ivory accents.

A narrow pant contrasts with an oversized, structured coat, while a flirty dress is given an edge with an oversized wrap hobo finished in fringe. A color-blocked wrap dress spins in a plum induced haze.

A soft sienna chiffon gown with feminine bell sleeves belies the toughness beneath before giving way to a shot of electric blue.

Her energy is contagious. She is the rock star and the muse of her own life; her clothes are her friends…life is a party.