Issey Miyake


Inspired by exotic resorts, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN takes on a pop and tropical new dandyism. Unusual fibres such as abaca, pineapple and kibira (linen) become elegant and sporty formal resort wear. The Spring Summer 2015 show invites you on a journey through rampant jungles to white sandy beaches, diving into shiny emerald green seas in search of dark ocean bed mysteries…


Collection designed by Yusuke Takahashi


Jackets, short pants, gilets and bags made out of tropical fibres. A mix of abaca (woven from a type of wild banana) and pineapple yarns combined with linen and nylon creates a tropical textile whose rough texture is obtained thanks to the use of old weaving machines.

The result is urban silhouettes with a light and cool feeling of resort wear.

Tropical fruit prints are hand-made by craftsmen in Kyoto. Pop and simple looking patterns result in fact from a complex and sophisticated process of several different steps of dyeing.


Moving to slender white sandy beaches and