Christopher Kane



“There is the idea of DNA and molecular structures in the collection – but this
time we decided to make some of our own,” says Christopher Kane. “I am
frequently drawn to scientific diagrams; that idea of science and nature, I go back to it again and again. For me this men’s collection felt much more complete and fully realised. There are bolder prints, colours and decoration; it’s just bolder altogether.”Working in tandem with the women’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection with its idea of  Adam and Eve, the men’s Autumn-Winter 2014 collection expands and brings to culmination the ideas of scientific codes and structures begun there. Yet here the Adam of the menswear is as fully realised as the Eve of the womenswear, both complementing and contrasting against the other.Molecular structures emerge and become key to the bold graphic thrust of the collection, featuring on signature sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts, hoodies and trousers. Oversized outerwear, knits and casualwear are contrasted with sharper and more traditional and elegant  two-buttoned tailored silhouettes. Silhouettes are kept simple and graphic, bold linear structures predominate. Additionally, a strong sense of colour and shine – particularly royal blue and vivid green – is contrasted and tamed by traditional navy blues, blacks and greys.Fabric experimentation and new formulations of decoration abound in the collection giving both a sense of the sensuous and the scientific. New molecular structures are formulated in original “3D” knits with plump, playful structures echoed from the prints. Geometric patterned wool jacquards run through suiting  and outerwear, an idea of tradition transformed. Giant paillettes decorate simple,cashmere roll-necks both playfully and with a sense of precision.