Rebecca Ward




Amsterdam, January 26, 2014 – Rebecca Ward participated for the third time in the Amsterdam Fashion Week, showing her collection The Magic Theatre. The Magic Theatre took its audience on an exploration of an imaginary world that has neither boundaries nor limits and is characterised by numerous emotions; love, loss and despair.

The Magic Theatre

It is here, in The Magic Theatre, that for a brief moment we are transported from our everyday lives and gaze into the recess of our mortal selves. It is in this illusion that we see who we were, who we are and who we could be.

The inspiration for this collection is The Magic Theatre from the novel Steppenwolf. In a story that deals with torment and isolation, it is in the final act, performed in The Magic Theatre, where the lead character observes scenes from his life played out with bizarre and unexpected deviations. Rebecca incorporates the central themes of unity and dissolution from this surreal finale into her collection; this is clearly visible in her combination of rigid leathers and softer fabrics as well as contrasting prints.

It is remarkable how much effort Rebecca Ward puts into every piece of her collection. Because of her strong focus, all items are completed with the utmost precision with the dark velvet dress with intricate ruffles being an exceptional example of this.

Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward completed her undergraduate study at Massey University in Wellington, she then moved to Europe to further her education at Central St Martins in London. She ultimately finished her Masters in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute ArtEZ in The Netherlands. Rebecca increased her practical experience by following internships at Iris van Herpen and And Beyond. It is Rebecca’s strong belief that fashion design should not just embody strong emotions but at the same time it should spark intellectual curiosity. This is a key concept in all her collections.