Julien David

Photography By Shoji Fujii

“Contro” & “Release”
Every season I try to bring a new idea of what can be consider high end fashion or even just a new way for something chic, I do it progressively working concepts and techniques little by little spreaded of over a time.

Here there are 2 main keywords to the collection “CONTROL” & “RELEASE” mixing opposite things, try to tame the fiber at use, try to control it. I was inspired by some of Karlheinz Stockhausen music experiments.

I asked my friend Aaron Young to lend me for the show 2 of his beautiful barricades sculptures totally crunched up but dipped  in 24 carats gold, the perfect metaphor for this season work on materials and fabric manipulation.
The silhouette is elongated and elegant against crunched up materials with street vibes. I tried to make a synthesis of High end streetwear. The Color black gave me a nice canvas to sculpt the shapes I was trying to achieve.

The looks in the show are articulated back & forth like a bouncing spring: control, release, control, release, control…