John Lobb

John Lobb at London Collections: Men
Time’s The Charm

Spring Summer 2015

John Lobb steps onto the London Collections: Men schedule once again
to launch its new Spring Summer 2015 collection.

London Collections: Men showcases the most creative menswear brands in Britain and celebrates the rich cultural landscape from which they draw inspiration.

The perfect pair

John Lobb represents a rich tradition of the Northampton-based bootmakers
with one conviction: handmade shoes and tailoring are the perfect pair.
Spring Summer 2015 ‘By Request’, or made-to-order items and limited editions,
are a tribute to this statement.

Customisation is the key. Ten styles add to the existing offer,
taking in Vamp Calf, Double Buckle, Brogues and boots.
Also note the Shop Specials: D’Anglas, Damson & Dapper (Paris),
Leman (Geneva), Tyburn (London) and Capri (Shanghai).
Add to that Salone, a slipper launching later this year in all stores.

These shoes thrive both on a tradition of craftsmanship and a dedication to innovation, blending contemporary classics with a variety of new designs and a blaze of colour.

To each his own shoes

As part of Spring Summer 2015 collection, John Lobb reveals six unique welted shoes – Prestige Oxford Tunbridge and Derby Elswick, Wingtip Loafer Filby,
Tassel Loafer Alton, Saddle Loafer Wisley and the refreshed Classic Derby Darby III – together with the non-welted loafer Amalfi, available in a palette of five different tones.

Last but not least, as every year, on October 25th, John Lobb will honour Saint Crépin, the patron saint of bootmakers, with a rare Oxford demonstrating its unrivalled know-how. For the first time this is being unveiled at London Collections: Men.

From creation to animation

London Collections: Men also sees the debut of the short film, Time’s The Charm, which conveys masculinity, modernity and British wit at its core. The hand-drawn film taps into London in a new, refreshing way, covering Portobello Road market, East London’s bustling riverside, Primrose Hill, a packed art gallery, a Beatles-esque psychedelic interlude and a picturesque fish and chip shop.

The film also subtly displays various shoes in London’s landscape,
from Jodhpur II to William II boot, Wareham, Livonia and Yardley.
John Lobb stands apart from its urban surroundings,
with the must-have William II appearing in the final pack shot.
The film’s title Time’s The Charm is taken from the phrase ‘Third time’s the charm’ reminding how time is precious nowadays.

By analogy, the charm of John Lobb resides in the time it takes to
make the shoes and the pleasure of wearing them.
In an unusual step, John Lobb collaborated directly with the production company and animation studio Not To Scale, tasking a broad team of comedy writers and cartoonists with imagining a one-of-a kind visual world.

The outcome is John Lobb classics without cliché, but with added twists and humour. Plays on words and subtle references spring surprises. Another nod is the soundtrack Keep In The Dark provided by Temples – a band hailing from Northamptonshire.

This is a clip to watch over and over again, so as to spot all its visual puns and references!