Sinesia Karol





The Sinesia Karol Spring-Summer 2015 collection was inspired by an abstract combination of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.

The luxury swimwear designer draws inspiration consistently from nature and the contrast of the four elements, features that are extremely vibrant in her native country of Brazil. From water-colored sandy beaches to the lush green foliage found throughout Brazil, these references are strongly reflected in Karol’s designs from season to season, this time with an abstract interpretation.

“I grew up immersed in nature and have always believed in the beauty and power of the elements,” said Karol, “I wanted to bring the strength of Mother Nature to this collection and stay true to the beliefs that I have always held.”

Pastel beige and pale blue embrace one another in a delicate print representing the gentle touch of the sea on the shore. It is a warm embrace between sea and sand, water and earth.

Sinesia Karol has once again invited artist Ana Paula Castro to design unique and beautiful patterns which are then imprinted onto the purest silk. Castro is a celebrated mixed-media artist from the same hometown as Karol, who has captured the beauty and vibrancy of Brazil in her own work as well.

The patterns that Castro has created for the collection as as follows:
- Relevo inspired by the earth
– Impulse inspired by fire
– Horizonte inspired by air
– Cashmar inspired by water

The Spring-Summer 2015 collection features bold crochet styles and impeccable craftsmanship, a value that is of the utmost importance to the designer. Every fabric is hand selected by Karol herself and must meet a rigorous criterion – her hope is to achieve swimwear so soft that the woman cannot feel it against her skin.

The designer presented her Spring-Summer 2015 collection during Miami Fashion Week at the Raleigh Penthouse on July 18th 2014 to an intimate audience of 70 VIPs, editors and buyers.

The Raleigh Penthouse served as the ideal location for Karol to debut her collection as the eye-catching patterns of the bikinis were juxtaposed against the dusty rose sky at sunset creating a dream-like environment.