Rick Owens

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This Story is about the serenity and calm we’re all looking for. The Pursuit of clean rational lines as satisfying as an Ocean’s horizon. The Quiet acceptance of self that comes to us every once in a while in isolation. Retreat and kindness.

The shoulderline is straight and graphic lines hover over the body like reduced frameworks of a human figure from a cave drawing. Or maybe the lines on an eileen grey lacquered screen from the late 1920′s nylons are tissue thin and dry fast whet you come out of the Ocean. Signature shapes are bubbles, daggers, mantles and fluid 2 piece dresses in lambskin. Linear mantles are fastened with hand forged discs clasps that are echoed on the metal discs of the high sandals. Colors are copper, sand , flesh, and dark shadow with moments of warm silver, hammered leather and shiny black python.