FALL 2014
Dedicated to Shirin Neshat and Oum Kalthoum.

01 – Camel Double Face Wool Gaberdine dress.
02 – Red Silk Faille dress.
03 – Plum Merino Wool knit, Red Silk Faille skirt, Red Satin gloves.
04 – Plum Merino Wool knit, Plum Heavy Cotton pant, Camel Double Face Wool Gaberdine reversible coat.
05 – Plum Merino Wool neck piece, Camel Double Face Wool Gaberdine jacket and skirt.
06 – Camel Double Face Wool Gaberdine pull over, Plum Heavy Cotton Culotte.
07 – Plum Heavy Cotton shirt and skirt, Blackglama Mink Fur collar, Red Satin gloves.
08 – Charcoal Tweed Bias dress with lace back, Red Satin gloves.
09 – Red Double Face Satin pull over, Charcoal Tweed Bias skirt.
10 – Pink Double Face Satin bias dress with back belt, Red Satin gloves.
11 – Pink Double Face Satin dress, Red Satin gloves.
12 – Black Lace dress with silver lamé lining, Blackglama Mink Fur stole with shearling trim.
13 – Silver Lamé shirt, Lace skirt with silver lining, Bonded Wool Felt caban with Blackglama Mink Fur back, Blackglama
Mink Fur collar.
14 – Charcoal Merino Wool neck piece, Birdseye Tweed tunic, Charcoal Tweed bias skirt, Atelier Swarovski earring.
15 – Birdseye Tweed Bias dress made with Swarovski Crystal, Pink Satin gloves, Atelier Swarovski earring.
16 – Birdseye Mixed Tweed