The new Roccobarocco collection is a tribute to the fascination and timeless beauty of Pompeii. In the evocative dream-like vision of the designer, artistic elements of classical art and architecture are transformed into a sense of ultra-modern universal luxury.

Tiny black and white tiles from mosaic floors are given a new interpretation on the clothes in abstract geometric patterns. The colour palette recalls the lyrical frescoes in the villas of Pompeii.

Peach, blue, burgundy and red create a romantic dream-like effect with hyper-feminine shapes with an uncluttered line, and decorated with friezes, hand embroidery and appealing graphic designs.

Gathered printed skirts are worn with a micro-top in a spontaneous mix of decorativeness and simplicity. Midi-skirt suits; chiffon, lace and see-through fabrics create clothes with an ethereal appeal.

Unique items that are products of Italian know-how: lush hand-printed lacquered vine-leaves that are romantic and naturalistic. Gold- and silver-coated lace draws the eye and creates an underlying feeling of luxury, but without ever forgetting the functional requirements of the clothes. The fresco print of three horses, inspired by one of the most beautiful murals in the House
of the Dioscuri, has an epic charm.

With this heartfelt tribute to Pompeii, the designer wishes to celebrate one of humanity’s most important treasures and, at the same time, make an appeal to ensure that it is preserved and guarded with care, so that future generations can continue to admire its immeasurable eternal beauty.

The designer achieves this by means of a collection that is inspired by the past without taking liberties, but with a creative freedom of approach and that sense of solidness that has always made the Barocco maison unique.