Dorhout Mees


We’re always big fans of the wonderful collections from Miss Esther Dorhout Mees here at Fashion Show Images.  A Master of Self-Expression, it’s always exciting to see what Esther has imagined in her latest collections.

The Dorhout Mees AW 16 collection married “birds and other animals alike, moving in groups as one…with techniques inspired on many unities forming one silhouette.”

Hair was braided softly into the shape of animal ears, with eyelashes exaggerated and pupils darkened to represent the eyes of the animal.

Wedged shoes were split at the front and back to represent animal paws, with slits in the ‘joints’ of some garments exposing the shoulder as if to highlight the shoulder of the animal when in movement.

Three dimensional hand-knits were juxtaposed with shiny materials, to accentuate the animals ‘fur’, and “prints inspired by a flock of birds – woven with six different yarns that work together to create certain textures” rendering the print three dimensional (as a reference to animal skin).

“The movement of so many different entities in this specific way, while becoming one all-together is fascinating to me…and so became the essence of this collection…”         Said Esther Dorhout Mees