Barbara I Gongini

Photography by Michael Maximillian Hermansen



Natural elements are pivotal to our existence. We can not interact without a composed observation of our surroundings. Each their own, together we anticipate a new dawn. Steadfastly, the raging autumn winds are restricting our willful urge to explore. As the rudimentary Nordic landscape unfolds in front of us, as a collective we stand tall, sheltered from the torrential rains. Ours is the composure of purpose and longevity.

For AW14, BARBARA I GONGINI is immersed in innovative construction and the deconstruction of traditional tailoring. Garments are dissected and meticulously fitted, to underline a layered but foremost structured silhouette. Shapes appear rather rigid, stripped from all decor, returning to the essence of the cut. A curated selection of wardrobe staples is introduced as a backdrop canvas towards the more defying styles within collection. AW14 embraces a sense of restrictive versatility, allowing wearers to engage in a process of textural and geographical mix and match.

The subtle colour palette consists of crisp whites, deep greys, charcoals and dark blacks. Together with the fabric selection, profound attention has been paid to sustainability and thus the utility and durability of the crafted pieces. Cropped jackets, long overcoats and lengthy vests are paired with stern shirting, rigid tees and fitted pants. A special selection of handpicked japanese jersey and lush sheer cottons are contrasted by soft italian knits, silks and sleek leathers, further underline texture, shape and detailing.

AW14 finds itself at a balanced intersection between rigid tailoring and masculine expression. Garments morph with wearers, shielding them irrevocably from the shifting seasons in turmoil.