The Dutch designer, Ilja Visser, strengthens her company with a sophisticated, versatile, and modern ready to wear ILJA label. The new ILJA adds commercial features to its idiosyncrasy, underlining its avant garde and unique touch.
With a fresh perspective on today’s women’s wear, Visser believes that there is a great opportunity with ILJA to create a brand built around everyday couture, by bringing the ready to wear collections closer to the ILJA couture signature of exploring modern shapes and innovative use of traditional techniques. The ILJA line features comfortable, yet refined and modern clothing and accessories for everyday moments and ranges from innovative styles with sporty details and dressy denim to beautiful coats and delicate evening wear. A combination of graphic, sculptured subtle shapes and perfect proportions, with a certain nonchalance that comes from ILJA’s Amsterdam origin.
Ready to fish will recede, while incorporating the luxury line of the former label into the new ILJA. The brand will incorporate an affordable range with the same young, modern and vibrant spirit that Ready to fish possessed for the last nine years. The separate focus will shift to a shared vision, with the strengths of both, couture and ready to wear co-existing under one name, with one clear direction, giving Visser the advantage of building one brand.
These are exciting times for ILJA. Visser: “Being invited by the French Federation to be part of the official haute couture calendar marks a new era in the existence of our company, the result of many years hard work and dedicated passion. It makes us feel incredibly proud and grateful. And it is just the beginning. We want to be an inspiring, leading brand with a unique signature and style.”
Dutch fashion designer, Ilja Visser, embarked on her career in fashion by attending the School of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Studying Fashion Design led her to New York for internships at Donna Karan and Maria Cornejo where she acquired her fine skills of tailoring. In 2009, the fashion house was established, under the name the “Ilja Visser Group”, located in Amsterdam on the Prinsengracht. In 2013 ILJA made her debut in the Paris Fashion Week with presentation of the Ikebana collection. Her first fashion show in Paris was in July 2014 at the Dutch Residence during the Couture Fashion Week presenting the LUMINA collection. In 2015, ILJA was invited by the French Federation to be part of the official haute couture calendar.