sacai 2017 Pre Spring Collection

Exploring the freedom to live life with more love, unconstrained by rules and conventions. Challenging the status quo with a joyful celebration of influences from around the world, spliced together in unexpected, irreverent combinations. Juxtaposing delicacy with tougher origins to create something new.
Re-imagining Hawaiian iconography with a pineapple motif lace re-constructed in military uniform silhouettes, applying a playful lightness of spirit to a fabric born of utility and aggression – celebrating the original archetype in a new context that inverts its original meaning into something fresh and unique to sacai’s vocabulary.

Taking the utilitarian, elemental shapes of 90s sportswear and using them to play with familiar silhouettes to create new proportions – splicing and inserting panels from a sports jacket into a trench, parka or MA1 jacket to create the house’s signature silhouette. Weaving together a tapestry of influences that unify the world – splicing Afghan belt detailing with British Paisley and a Hawaiian hibiscus to make a print that celebrates geographies while at the same time transcending them. Re-interpreting a crochet patchwork quilt as a print on lace and chiffon, in a colour palette inspired by 60s pop art colours. Pleated lace made 3D and spliced with Seditionaries inspired abstract stripes. Re-appropriating the stripes of a Mexican poncho into new contexts.

Making a play on the archetype of a summer tweed suit by melding a classic boucle jacket with a sports parka; by making a tweed skirt de-construct and seem to ‘fall apart’, exposing a seductive suggestion of lace. Using velvet in its rawest, un-cut state to re-invent hickory stripe suiting.