Photography by Peter Stigter


“The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls”

Amsterdam Fashionweek, July 2014

  Textile designer Joelle Boers and fashion designer Bregje Cox showed their first capsule collection during the young talent Fashionlab  show at July 11 2014. The designers joined forces while creating the IINUA capsule collection; a reflection on the wisdom of the mountains and the resourcefulness of the Inuit  people.

The Inuit believe very strongly in what we call animism: that
all people, animals and even geographic features such as mountains and lakes possess a spiritual essence.

“We have used the structures and textures of the stones and mountains and have translated them into prints. For the patterns we have looked at the
functions that Inuit garments like the anorak have. By combining these two we have created a collection that could be seen as stone camouflage.

Using the stone camouflage to connect the souls of the animate and inanimate