Nicholas Oakwell


Nicholas Oakwell Couture is pleased to present their Autumn / Winter 2013 collection. Designed by the atelier’s creative director, Nicholas Oakwell, this is the fifth collection to be shown at Claridge’s London, on 27 June 2013.

This collection transports you to the heart of Paris; a romantic and magically timeless image of an era familiar yet mysterious. Crafted on a fictional Parisienne, who we discover in the early hours of the morning meandering through the intricate and awe-inspiring city backdrop on her way home – the nocturnal urban heartbeat slowly fading beneath her footsteps.

With a nod to the I95O’s – whilst replicating the I93O’s – silhouettes are elegant yet seductive. The pieces are powerful, feminine and embrace the female form – reminiscent of the film noir movement – a truly romantic and nostalgic image of the halcyon days.

The character of the leopard reinforces the image of felinity and power, embodied with fine leathers, silks and furs, working in harmony with the delicacy of lace and satin corsetry. Signature beading and feather-work also showcase the intricacy and deft of hand that has become synonymous with Nicholas Oakwell’s collections.

The feline-like character – draped in luxurious fabrics, fur and diamonds – is trailed by the heady scent of sweet floral perfume, combining jasmine and rose with deeper sensual notes from musk and sandalwood, reminiscent of the cigar filled cafés below. The scent ‘Reckless’ is created by Roja Dove, who has partnered with Oakwell to capture this intoxicating aroma.

The headpieces are designed by Stephen Jones, and jewellery are key pieces from Graff’s collections.

“This collection showcases what every woman feels and looks empowered wearing. It is a very tactile collection, with a romanticism and hint of mystery. Whilst couture’s home is still Paris, we are proud to bring Paris to London, as Charles Worth, the creator of the craft was British, and our pieces are proudly made here in the UK in our London Atelier” – Nicholas Oakwell.


Silk tulle, woven silks, satin organza, silk crêpe, chiffon and panne velvets. Exotic skins include crocodile and python. Furs from fox, kid, mink and murmal. Feathers are guinea foul, goose and pheasant. Embellishments feature facetted seed beads and gold and silver metalwork.