Milan, June 2013. The splendid setting of Palazzo Serbelloni is transformed for one night in a nineteenth-century palace to host the parade of the Chinese designer Jiwembo which debuted in the calendar of Milan Fashion Week Sunday, June 23 at 20:00
The elegant frame Corso Venezia 16, following the parade, welcomed a corner of China with an exclusive dinner in the sumptuous rooms and the aristocratic atmosphere inspired by the splendor of the celebrated home gattopardesca environment where a century, embellished with bright points of support and lavish sofas, was the setting.
The dinner, prepared with a menu of haute cuisine specially created by a famous starred chef along with the contamination dates from Eastern steamed dumplings and precious Chinese wine, gave him the opportunity to give to the selected guests an immersive and emotional.
Guests of the first floor were present in the parterre of the parade to cheer on the men’s collection spring summer 2014 Jiwembo: the most prestigious positions of the rising sun present in Milan, including the Ambassador of the Republic of China Ding Wei, the vice president of China Fshion Association and china fashion week, Chinese state television channel and the local fashion – who took over the event live, as well as Elio Fiorucci, Simone Rugiati, Andrea Lehotza, Beppe Convertini and Celeste Dell.
Jiwenbo, now director of the China Fashion Designers Association of Fashion and Art Committee and the head of the Men’s Wear Trend Research of China Fashion & Color Association, has a career full of awards and achievements as well as abroad. In Italy, in fact, already in 2007, Jiwenbo was named “Chinese First Men’s Wear Design ranked in Milan Fashion Week” by the United States Men’s Wear Labor Union Chairman.
Currently Jiwenbo guide the eponymous agency, a leading player in the Chinese and international fashion system that has its headquarters in Xiamen and was created with the intention of giving form to a reality internationally competitive. The Jiwenbo Fashion Agency is responsible for brand planning, production, design, promotion, advertising for its own brand and for brands with which it cooperates. Currently the housebrand has a network of 100 flagship stores in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, opened between 2011 and 2013 .