Marga Weimans


Photography by Peter Stigter

Amsterdam, July 13, 2013. Marga Weimans showed tonight AERIAL her collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week. AERIAL is a sequel to the installation ‘Fashion house most beautiful dress in the world’ which Marga Weimans presented in July 2012. Within this fictional fashion house Weimans made ​​an analysis of what a fashion house and what it can be. Half a year ago, in January 2013, analyzed Weimans with her ​​Body Archive Collection DNA, present and past of the fashion house. The latest collection AERIAL, continues in the antenna function of the fashion house, which signaling wave movements and trends are the starting point.
The Fashion House of Marga Weimans combines different disciplines such as visual arts, fashion and architecture. So which is also inspired in the latest collection by AERIAL called a bird’s-eye view and architecture.


It represents the place where a fashion designer – apart from all your worries – can meditate and reflect. In the case of Weimans is mainly thought about women and their lives in an urban environment. For AERIAL looks at Marga Weimans aerial the role that women play in society. She asks in her work constantly wondering what the woman involved and how her clothes can give expression to it.

AERIAL consists of wearable pieces made ​​from a wide variety of materials such as leather, and silk banner. 
For the prints worked Weimans this time along with designer / artist Jeroen Koolhaas (Prada / Favela Painting), architect 
Barend Koolhaas (OMA) and spatial designer Aura Luz Melis (Petra Blaisse). They work at the interface between fashion and architecture. The shoes, with an avant-garde architecture and inspired form, again from United Nude.