Byblos Milano




Alice 2.0 by Byblos Milano goes through the looking-glass to experience a dream-line dimension filtered through artistic suggestions to create a unique floral couture style.

Transplanted from one fabric to another, from one piece of embroidery to another, flowers, inspired by Rocio Montoya’s surreal graphic art and reinterpreted in the dream-like style of Raymond Sepulveda and his dark heroines.

Alice speaks through petals and corollas, especially if they’re enlarged, appliqued and hung with a super-pop botanical effect in a florilegium of 3D decorations in which reality pairs with dreams and nothing is as it seems.  From outerwear like flowerbeds to flower-tailed sheaths and budding skirts, with dresses that become bouquets and reveal a very stylish soul. Volumes are cocoon-like, soft and ample. Different textured inlays give some pieces a destroyed effect, such as the plisse, which seems to be coming apart.  Colours;  black above all.  Raspberry in various shades that slide towards Strawberry.  Cobalt that nods in the direction of azure and deep aquamarine.  A touch of cord for a vintage flavour.