Ida Sjöstedt

Photography by Kristian Loveborg

Ida Sjöstedt – Stockholm – Spring/Summer 2014

Dream Girls part 2 – How to be a Woman
Spring Summer 2014

When you do get a second chance to make a first impression.
While fashion is constantly moving forward (or is it really?) Ida Sjöstedt is taking a step backwards this season.

It’s a season of reflection, recycling and reusing but also of refining, improving, perfecting and defining in terms of ideas and design language as well as materials and ways of working.

The studio of Ida Sjöstedt is unique in Stockholm as it is combining a successful ready to wear collection with hand made couture pieces.

The heart of the studio is the atelier where a young team of tailors with training from Sweden as well as the haute couture houses of Paris, put together creations that are beautiful on the outside, but first and foremost are made and constructed with passion and love.

In Ida Sjöstedt’s imaginary world, the dream girls from last summer who just wanted to have fun, have grown up slightly and are now stepping out as almost full -fledged women. Still lusting for fun, but with a greater confidence, pose, chicness and elegance than before. Assets that come naturally with age, assets that most young women can only dream of.

Trophy wives, single ladies, viva la divas, queens and sirens rule the world and they do it in style.

The collection is also a reflection of Ida Sjöstedt’s personal maturity and confidence as a designer who knows what she wants to do and how she wants to do it.

The couture line is one way of trying to work towards a more sustainable fashion, where you get almost zero waste when cutting and sewing materials like a collage.

When making pieces one by one you also get rid of the problem with huge stocks.

Recycled materials are also used in a new way –as the special printed backdrop from last year has gotten new life by being cut into dreamy garments with sharp silhouettes.

An eclectic mix of fabrics and colours from the rainbow create Ida Sjöstedt’s signature style and the Spring/Summer Collection 2014 is no exception.

From flirty swimwear and soft coats with gold details, cute accessories in patent pink and pearlised ivory leather, whimsical dresses in light lace and chiffon to sparkly metallic, intricate flower embroideries and flying feathers, Ida Sjöstedt has created a wardrobe sweet as sugar.