Roberto Musso

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Roberto Musso Fall / Winter Collection 2012-2013 Press Release

Room of desires

If it was a painting, Roberto Musso’s 2013 Fall/Winter Collection could be described as mixed media, which like a room of desires, holds all his passions for the upcoming winter fashion show.

The colour palette verges on watercolours. The dusty and sophisticated tones of the fabrics, always elaborate, dampen any vehemence. Stolen from misty landscapes, they become cloudy and delicate, a mixture of earthy colours, greens and greys.

Elegant tones are combined in the men’s style coat with black wool cover, lined on the reverse with dove-grey silk velvet and fastened around the waist by a thin organza belt.

The use of colour, the fabrics and contrasting furs enhance the sculptural aspect of the creations.

The black coat, with pageboy collar in honey-coloured velvet, comes alive with flashes of colour and the movement of red ribbons that adorn the neckline, like Pinocchio’s outfit. The item is worn with moss-coloured tight pants. The short black jacket has a beautiful creamy-white collar designed so that the two ends overlap each other like petals of a lotus flower that open up on the face.

The fur is processed like precious velvet. The waist of the kid jacket features a striking leather belt and it was created to be worn together with the sage-green woollen skirt with the “origami” pleated hem, a stylistic feature of Musso. The high-waisted coat in black and moss green kid is fastened by a champagne-coloured crumpled silk ribbon, with round collar in chestnut-coloured Persian lamb.

There are also some cheeky pieces: the oversized coat in forest-green kidassia, ironically very cool, has the same spirit as the “must have” shoes of the season: ankle boots that from the front seem lily-white.

The blouses in silk georgette opt for vibrant optical effects: white, black and pink – pale yellow, white and black. A mix of different colours breaks up the men’s style blouse, on the cuff, mandarin collar and plastron to be worn with the maxi-collar in Persian lamb resting on the shoulders and grey skirt with Zen pleats.

The sleeveless dress in wool fabric uses contrasts to create the shape: grey on top and black at the waist. Colour creates movement thanks to the grey band that continues to the hem and to the while silk plastron, a fabric detail stolen from the blouse.

The colours of black, caramel and bright pink alternate in the dress with a large bow on the chest.

The colours are dismantled in the graphics of the fabric with large irregular tesseras in crimson, antique pink, sea green, and peacock blue of the pants or skirt suit to be worn with a silk tunic top and collar in fox fur to frame the face.
Raw silk organza for the evening dress. The clay-coloured dress, classy with a large collar is seductive as its wraps around the body and gently plays with the transparencies.