E. Tautz

E. Tautz – Autumn/Winter 2012

“There is an imponderable vastness to weight” wrote Richard Serra.  I visited his exhibition at the Met in New York in the summer of last year and was very drawn to his vast dense absorbent forms.

As an engineer, weight, mass, gravity and density were phenomena I spent much time pondering.  Now, when I think about clothes, mass is of the utmost importance.  British clothmakers have a way of creating cloths of a substance that few can match, because our weather required them to do so.  Serra’s drawings somehow called to mind these heavy British cloths:  Cavalry Twill, Melton, Barathea.  The cloths worn by our soldiers on parade, on the sort of day we get in London when the rain teams down relentlessly, the surface of their dense dark cloaks sodden and seeming to suck in all light.  Their shapes and colours bring to mind also Ellsworth Kelly, and Terry Frost’s black red white and black blue white abstractions.

Tautz clothes are about a simplicity of cut, fine tailoring, and the beauty of real materials. We make our clothes by hand in the United Kingdom and we make no compromise in their construction because we believe that clothes should be durable as well as beautiful.  Please enjoy this collection of clothes for the Autumn & Winter 2012 season.

We would like to thank the following for their generous support in developing and showing this collection:  Hainsworth, Berthoud & Pouzait, Penhaligons, John Lobb, Vauxhall Fashion Scout.”