Diane Von Furstenberg


Spring 2013



“Some fairy tales end with the girl marrying the prince…some start there.”

-Diane von Furstenberg and Yvan Mispelaere

With the polish of a princess and the heart of a gypsy, she fantasizes about a life less structured, about sunsets unseen and deserts in the distance.

Her reverie takes her first to Rome, where in a true chiaroscuro, she is wrapped in black and white lips. In bold, garden-inspired prints, she is sophisticated and rebellious.

Embracing the bohemian, she trades an elaborate pair of Palazzo pants for a sleek cut-out mini dress. Day bags, like the soft-bodied Franco hobo in a range of fabrications, are utilitarian chic, while evening clutches are small and bejeweled. Large, shining earrings reflect the drama of peek-a-boo necklines and architectural platform heels.

Suddenly she is floating through Marrakesh, free and fearless, in a flowing terracotta caftan, over silk faille trousers. With a modern oriental flare, sharp lines cut like a palace window, and arabesque inspired color-blocks frame the body, accentuating the sensuality of her curves. Light and bold, she gravitates towards the sun, decorated with shining silver balls.

As she crafts her own destiny, the desert calls.  She answers in a blur of deep mauve, rusty orange, soft lilac, gold sequins and bright turquoise. She jets to Jaipur, where an embellished fetish clutch opens like gates to the old city. Flawless in delicate layers of aristocratic whites, she shines like a freshly discovered landscape, as she is revealed to herself for the first time.

She walks towards the horizon in soft lime silk and a coral skirt that falls like water; a draped jumpsuit that mirrors the sky.

Far from the palace now, she catches her reflection in a sea of shining jewels: she is the woman sh