Henrik Vibskov




Henrik Vibskov
Men’s SS17
Naturally, Henrik Vibskov unveils a beautiful, yet disturbing world where opposites meet. A world of meat, vulgar baloney and salami all over the place, setting the scene to showcase the SS17.

Upon entrance, a massive structure standing 20 meter long, where large piles of salamis are hanging, serves as a center piece. The atmosphere is rainy dark and gloomy. In the installation 4 heavyweight butchers operate a factory making salamis.

Meat is the core of the show, at a point in time where many experts call for vegetarianism. Could meat soon become a historic legend you will tell your grandkids about?

In Salami – The Kitchen of The Non Existing, two worlds clash – or do they join forces? The virtue of martial art and discipline meets a staggering and profane culture of delightful meats. One could notice a reflection of modern society where people constantly deal with conflicting choices between sensibility, morals and desires – the latest health trend vs. letting one self go to hedonistic pleasures.

Martial art has been one of the inspirations for the pattern cutting and shapes of the garments. Asian crests iconography, balance and harmony is reflected in artworks for print and knit.

The unique calligraphy method was used to portray doughnuts and sausages in a beautiful and poetic interpretation. Besides being just a term for writing, calligraphy is believed to transfer energy from person to paper, from paper to receiver.

In the collection you will find materials as a two faced salami dotted jacquard, where both sides have been applied and exposed, crispy poplin shirting and strong structured twill in a lining-viscose quality among others.

Details on garments are topstitched cuffs and hems, that are afterwards dyed to create a puckering effect. Other centerpieces in the collection are the jacquard knitted sweaters with applied fringes and embroidery made in Denmark at the Henrik Vibskov studio.