Giorgio Armani Privé

Photography by Leah McQueen

The Giorgio Armani Prive Show was attended by many VIP’s!  In order below are;  1)  Deborah Francis 2) The Star Studded Front Row 3) Roberta Armani & Sophia Loren 4) Shailene Woodley 5) Tatiana Blatnik & Roberta Armani 6) Virginie Courtin 7) Claudia Cardinale, Giorgio Armani  & Sophia Loren 8) Dolores Chaplin 9) Giorgio Armani & Isabelle Huppert 10) Giorgio Armani & Michelle Yeoh  10) The FROW including (from left to right) Sophia Lauren, Roberta Armani, Zoe Saldana & Michelle Yeoh 11) Zoe Saldana & Giorgio Armani




Discover the enchantment of daylight hues – the continuous nuances of colour, the playful contrasts between light and shadow.  Magical moments of everyday beauty inspire an intense and tempered collection.

This is a collection, which from daybreak borrows shades of blues, lilacs and mauves, and which announces the coming luminosity of daylight with strokes of purple, paired with black velvet:  a reminder of night fading into day.  Here are clean and essential lines, with soft, wide trousers that gently fall over flat shoes, as if they were awaiting a cuff.

The double-breasted masculine jacket has been replaced by a new shirt in jacketing fabrics such as heavy, stiff wool, which give it the balance of tailoring.  The cardigans, embroidered on the front, or with a back in either velvet or organza, lend a casual touch, topped with Philip Treacy’s small black velvet hats.

Sunset gifts its fuchsias, electric blues and dark blues to oversized outfits in full-bodied wool and to the shimmering sequins on a black lacquered jumpsuit, a reminder of the encroaching darkness of the night.

For the evening, every single dress, whether in velvet or in embroidered silk, borrows its colour palette from the skies – from blues to blacks – and is bathed in stardust.  A flash of embroidered stars on a veil that conceals the face down to the neck hints at a wordless mystery, a mystery that speaks of otherworldly enchantment.  The dresses have a straight silhouette that flows, and are never tight around the body, but gently fall to the floor in a nonchalant way over rigorously flat shoes.

Never has masculine allure expressed such femininity.  This Giorgio Armani Prive collection displays a perfect balance of opposites, which is Armani’s unmistakable signature.

Celebrity Images & Press Release Courtesy of Giorgio Armani SPA