Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs,Milan,Mens,Spring/Summer,2015

He is a real man, but like a superhero with a statuesque physique he goes beyond the limits of normal resistance. He succeeds in this thanks to the triathlon – swimming, cycling and running combined in a lifestyle, more than a simple sport.
And it is the triathlon that has inspired Dirk Bikkembergs to design a Summer 2015 collection that reflects in full the brand’s original vocation for sport, underlined on the catwalk by a set that recalls the three disciplines: Swimming, Cycling and Running.
Whilst the aesthetic codes borrowed from sport enhance the suppleness of the male body, with sexy and figure-hugging shapes, performance materials and bright colours, the designer chooses to accentuate the urban, elegant and modern character of the collection.
Turquoise for swimming, green for cycling and yellow for running: a dominant colour with a definite visual impact is assigned to each speciality – the trademark style that has accompanied the success of the brand over the years. Items inspired by sport are shown one after the other on the runway, as in a race, with technical “diving suits” and stretch leggings technical hallmarks of triathlon. Alongside these, mixed and overlaid, the formal suits in shades of dark blue and black, completed by classic braces, remind us of the other soul of the collection, the formal and elegant one.
The leather biker jackets, amongst the key pieces on the runway, give the figure an appearance that is both determined and refined, thanks to a blend of clean lines and “distressing” treatments, whilst mixes and matches follow each other quickly. The work-blue of fine Japanese denim stands out in the jeans; in all the nuances of indigo blue, they are made with great sophistication, but the finishes are deliberately imperfect, to reassert the synthesis between resistance to the harshest tests and well-defined and contemporary elegance.
Naturally, the accessories deserve a special mention. The backpacks, original, futuristic and body-enhancing, can be worn front or back, on bare skin or buttoned on to the outerwear like bibs, an obvious reference to the triathlete’s gear.
Footwear: sneakers and sandals with a technical and sporty sole, which combine the resolute aesthetic typical of the brand with cutting-edge materials and production techniques, allowing authentic sports performance.
This successful union between fashion and sport, underlined by the special appearance, closing the runway show, of Daniel Hofer, the Italian champion in the top ranks of the world triathlon, is the result of teamwork and intense and profitable training carried out over several months together with two exceptional partners: Arena, a familiar team companion for Dirk Bikkembergs, who has enthusiastically shared its indispensable technical know-how to make the collection, and FITRI, the Italian Triathlon Federation: without its contribution it would have been impossible to understand the history and values of this tough and fascinating sport.
Thanks to them, the sporting character of Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture Summer 2015 takes on authenticity, which the brand is proud to underline by announcing its forthcoming official sponsorship of the 2015 Triathlon Grand Prix network of International competitions organized by FITRI