Inspiration for the collection started with Russia, thinking about its proud and turbulent history.

I became fascinated with the dying days of the aristocracy, living in country estates on the edge of Moscow and the opulence of St Petersburg’s palaces. The poetry of Pushkin, the music of
Rachmanino”, the ballet dancers of the Bolshoi… a culture led with richness and splendour.

When we began researching the Cold War era, looking at orange-clad cosmonauts, the Iron Curtain and Muscovite women wrapped against the freezing winter in heavy wool coats. We didn’t want to make
the references too literal or factually correct – it was about the feeling, the touch, the fabrics, the shapes and the colours.”

The collection is inspired by Russian history. It’s the extravagance
of the nobility, the Tsar’s swansong and the dancers of the Bolshoi. It’s the Soviet propaganda machine and its brutalist architecture. It’s space travel and Pussy Riot. Histories, eras and politics collide. And the look is double-sided: femininity meets sensuality, both trademarks for the quintessential ‘Ganni girl’.

Fabrics are heavy yet fluid. Heavy washed wools and sti7 cottons contrast with soft, tactile fabrics like leather, suede, cashmere, merino, fake fur, boucle, lace and silk. Moscow inspires a colour palette of dark tones – burgundy, dusty blues and black, lit up with :ashes of eye-popping orange.

Prints are adorned with dark brooding flowers: wild, abstract, sensual bouquets. Silhouette is focused on draping, body-hugging dresses for a long, slender look. Femininity and danger meet in an exceedingly wearable collection.

Founded in 2000, Ganni is one of fashion’s fastest growing brands, with four collections a year, accessories and shoes. Ganni is sold throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Russia, with 14 standalone stores in Denmark, Germany and Norway. The company’s headquarters is located in Copenhagen.