Maurizio Pecoraro

Spring Summer 2015 Collection

From the North, land of signs, to the South, land of passion: this is the aesthetic and mental journey that lies behind the Spring/Summer 2015 collection by Maurizio Pecoraro. A true Sicilian, the designer was able to find assonance between the pottery from Caltagirone and the works of Danish artist and designer Bjørn Wiinblad: vases in the shape of women’s faces with significant noses, the coming together of strength and fragility. At the same time, he
was able to discover the infinite grace of 40’s furniture by Josef Frank, an Austro-Swedish architect who printed medical plant herbariums on parchment, with which he then lined his elegant pieces.

The outcome of the coming together of these two worlds has produced a decorated minimalism: simple and fluid shapes, or boxy ones featuring luxurious entwinements of plants and leaves, without a flower but with lots of feminine images liberated from the vases.

Pecoraro’s herbarium fairies move across the hand-loomed silk jacquard with delicate lurex lianes in the weave: a Fantoccoli fabric of haute couture standing. And again parchmentcoloured cotton and chiffon, brilliantly displaying over 20 shades of the herbs’ greens: painted, printed, embroidered with micro-chains in silver or inlaid. There is a sensational 3D inlaid embroidery criss-crossed by a metal wire enabling the leaves to move, crumple, float on the clothes, to change appearance and viewpoint in a thousand different ways.

Same for accessories: bags large and small that seem to have been grown in a herb garden, bracelets and necklaces reproducing the enchantment of foliage in metal. This is fashion full of magic, even though it holds all of the staples of women’s summer wardrobes: straight or A-line skirts, t-shirt dresses, oversize jackets and easy-to-wear light coats.