Maison the Faux

MAISON the FAUX: “Fashion is all about the Kelly-bag with an empty Hermès
wallet inside”
A spectacular performance during the opening night of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam represented the official launch of couture house MAISON the FAUX. After numerous months of ‘teasing’ and now under the close watch of a massive crowd, the brand came to life in the décor of the fictional house (which MAISON the FAUX roughly translates into). An outrageously screaming opera singer, a clanging glitter shower and blasting leaf blowers gave a voice to the clear message designers Joris Suk and Hans Hutting want to send out; the current fashion scene is so passé, it’s cleaning day!
An illusion of luxury
In between tall doorposts, dozens of chandeliers and an oasis of flowers MAISON the FAUX showed their collection, counting twelve looks, to the audience. The tableau vivant came to live through models differing in age
between 15 and 65, who moved through the house as if they were its residents.

The diversity in age and gender of MAISON the FAUX’s muses represented the celebration of the individual, which their collection is based on.

The press and other interested parties were eager to witness the first fashion show. They were all made part of the illusion of luxury which, according to MAISON the FAUX, fashion is all about. “Couture is a dream in which
we wear nothing but sequins and diamonds from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, but at the end of the day, we have to do our own dishes.” To reinforce their statement, the team of six had put their own hands to work.
The performance ended in a thorough cleaning, which made the carefully created fashion-bubble blow up in the audience’s faces.

It’s cleaning day: decadence as the new standard
The first collection of MAISON the FAUX is a clear fusion between the distinctive styles of the two creative directors. During the show at Amsterdam Fashion week they showed large silhouettes combined with minuscule
pieces. Contrasts between sexual and A-sexual, black and white and a mixture between high street and couture items are the main focus of the collection ‘It’s cleaning day’. The silhouette of the 12 looks were dominated by
oversized pants made of ripped jeans and Vlisco fabrics, combined with body conscious jersey tops and a number of statement pieces covered by volants. The collection was styled with highly decorated earrings, oversized fisherman’s hats which can be worn in various ways. Characteristic for the collection are the high-end finishing and embroidery with the rich use of rhinestones, diamonds and metallic prints.

First things first
The show during Amsterdam Fashion Week was generously made possible by a number of sponsors. Official sponsor Vodafone selected MAISON the FAUX for its Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab. Next to the show in the ‘Transformatorhuis’, which provided the designers with large exposure, Vodafone has also shot a documentary on the story of MAISON the FAUX. This documentary, following the label during the weeks leading up to the show, will air during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. After the official launch of their couture house MAISON the
FAUX will now focus on the production and distribution of the collection to buyers , to be selected in the nearby future. Their goal to cause world domination for their own brand will remain at the top of MAISON the FAUX’s
priority list.


Being the Chief Creative Officers of MAISON the FAUX, designers Joris Suk (1987, Arnhem – Netherlands) & Hans Hutting (1990, Nijmegen – Netherlands) are at the head of their couture house based in Arnhem.

In July 2013, both designers graduated from the department of Fashion Design (BA) at ArtEZ School of the Arts in Arnhem.

Their first introduction to each other took place during the course year of 2011-2012, when H