PPQ’s A/W 2014 girl is pale and very significant Swathed in a multitude of very necessary textures in her winter embrace She heads it off at dinner in liquid patents and sheer chiffons setting a slick 50’s basis for huge mohair coats and monochrome Melton wool wraps
Once past the cloak room she reveals a delicate silhouette of translucent lace details that wisp across neck lines as midnight rose prints tell tales of beauty and the beast – A prom time past It’s an English Love story that will trance you in to a cocktail or two
Puffed cuffs and pastel shades turn chiffon gowns delectable – a girls just deserves Tuff love Angelica jeans are worn high waisted in oil slick rainbow shades of supple leather
Whilst gold flames dance in the fire place and rock light off her vintage finds she returns re dressed in powder grey laces and furs to recline on couches whilst the music keeps on playing