[ The internalised ferocity within a beast ] serves as the main conceptual axis of this season.
Taking a modern approach and interpretation, this collection is a reconstruction of the fur, skin, and scales, of various brute organisms.
Fulled wool [ Jacquard ]. Aged, hard, and decayed wild animal hair. [ Needle punch ]. A non-uniform random entanglement of fibers. A wild, breathing, living skin.
The surface cut at an acute angle, bristled fibers [Cutting leather] is the skin of a beast mimicking the fog.
Hard, though supple, dull while shiny, the duralumin [plates] scales are hardened by evolution.
We express the beautiful but ferocious nature of an organism, in the same vain as disorderly, all-surviving, and inevitable evolution.
The hoof sneakers motif focuses on the characteristic structure of animal bones.
Informed by action and evolution, the details are simplified and angular.
Protective boots create a bold voluminous ankle, contrasted to the sharp line leading to the toe.
Microfibre and Calf leather, subjected to a variety of treatments, are patterned with a variety of materials to create this expressive upper.
A human surviving through modern society = beast