ADEAM – SS 14 Collection
On Tuesday, September 10th, designer Hanako Maeda of ADEAM debuted her Spring 2014 collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.
Evolving from the blooming cherry blossoms during spring in Tokyo, Hanako Maeda looked to the early summer hydrangeas in Tokyo. The ashy pastels of the flower, such as glass green, lilac and peach, set the mood for the vibrant yet restrained collection. Imagining this delicate flower blooming under a cloudy sky, a particular thought came to Hanako’s mind: “Every rose has its thorn.”
Even a beautiful flower like the rose has a darker, somber side within. Hanako was drawn to this duality, and looked to explore the juxtaposition between opposites – feminine and masculine, light and dark, delicate and strong.
The collection addresses this duality by combining delicate feminine sensibility and sharp masculine tailoring. The juxtaposition between femininity and masculinity illustrates the spirit of the ADEAM girl – she’s elegant and poised, but is a whimsical tomboy at heart.
Photography by Monica Feudi