Alexis Mabille




Reflections of a Woman / Reflets de Femme

“Descriptions of women are like a jeweler’s windows.  In them we see strands of gold, emerald eyes, pearly teeth and coral lips. What might one discover if things went further!”  Journal de Jules Renard, 1887 – 1892

With his Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Couture Collection, Alexis Mabille envisages women as jewels.  When he opens his jewel box captivating visions emerge, their multiple facets revealed by light. Precious and stately, these muses impose their charms – naturally attractive even in the rough.

“Reflets de femme”

“Les descriptions de femme ressemblent a des vitrines de bijoutier.  On y voit des cheveux d’or, des yeux d’emeraude, des dents perles, des levres de corail.  Qu’est-ce, si l’on va plus loin dans l’intimite!” Journal de Jules Renard 1887 – 1892