Claes Iversen






On Saturday, July 13th Claes Iversen showed his SS14 collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The capriciousness of our summers is a source of dissatisfaction, but also stirs inspiration. Rain is the basis for this intriguing collection, which the abstraction of an unexpected summer storm imagines. An organic continuation of his previous work, with a strong focus on shapes and volumes that emphasize the action of gravity.

 The Spring/Summer Collection is characterized by a feminine and tailored silhouette, with special attention to meticulous handwork. Fringes, as a translation of rain, come in different materials (glass, plastic, wool) and give the suggestion of a sparkling summer rains. By working with different layers and lengths, new, airy volumes. Predictive curves inspired by the umbrella shape, place the emphasis on the waist. The color palette seems drenched in rainwater, with soft watercolor tones like mint green, pale pink and sunshine yellow are interspersed with cool blues and whites. Claes Iversen also introduces a silkscreened in our own workshop animal print, which – whether or not modified with embroidery – gives an unexpected contrast to his understated signature.

Shoes Line

Following on from last season, Claes Iversen another limited edition shoe line, developed in collaboration with Blink Shoes. Colorful suede sandalettes create an exciting lines over the foot. Translucent, soft colored plastic underline the summer rain theme.