Photography by Dan Lecca


“Women’s bodies are STILL under attack in 2017. It is no coincidence then that we look to the sculptures of Dorothea Tanning and Alina Szapocznikow—disembodied female arms, legs, torsos—and of course, to the work of Louise Bourgeois. The Guerilla Girls just celebrated thirty years of feminist art practice and agitation. This is a time of global protest, and their particular brand of sardonic political commentary is all too timely. In our F17 collection the fur and bananas are fake, but the sentiment is real. Humor is resistance! We approached sustainability with different perspectives this season. ‘Gorilla Fur’ knitwear is realized in Peruvian Alpaca, hand-knitted by women’s collectives in the Andes. Recycling is also key. Pieces from past collections make cameos this season. There is enough landfill already choking the earth. We implore you to stop throwing things and ideas away! This collection has many messages—ethical, sustainable, playful, intellectual, sensual—but above all this is our feminist battle cry: ‘Free The Nipple, because: My Body My Choice!’“