Yazbukey Presentation


Welcome to Yazbukey’s Gardens of Pleasure, a lush, lusty Eden ruled by sultry goddesses. Classical antiquity cavorts with an orgy of comic book colors against a sensual musical backdrop by Michel Magne, Tropical Fantasy (1962). Serpentine Yazettes clad in not-so virginal white initiate newcomers to a land of carnality, aphrodisiacs and other erotic charms, including pieces that couple 3D plexi with raffia or satin, Swarovski-studded starfish, pink flamingo leather gloves, entwined serpents and exotic flora shod in Louboutins. Under the watch of a high priestess who bears a striking resemblance to Cyd Charisse, visitors surrender to temptresses with names like Poison Ivy, Cicciolina, Aphrodite and Eve — until Adam, Cupid and Zeus descend and things turn explosive. Venus alights, restoring harmony to a pleasure island of such magic and mystery, it could only have sprung from the spirit of Yazbukey.