The Singapore arboretum show: a collage of floral and geometric

patterns becomes the inspiring principal, interpreted through

imagination, of the Byblos Spring Summer 2016 Collection.

Very cool (and in bloom).

The heart is the Singapore botanic gardens, where constructions

from far-away worlds soar into the air, and nature joins them

in a unique fellowship to create an other-worldly landscape:

a futuristic Eden awaits the new generation of explorers,

supernatural women who come directly from a potpourri that

emerges as a contemporary bouquet of cult-flower pieces.

A high definition techno-jungle that mixes tropical flowers and

futuristic atmospheres on prints, graphics and jacquards, in a

fusion combination of glam pieces and garments with taste that

is exotic, yet, also metropolitan.

The result is alternating graphic impressions, one next to the

other, on dresses and skirts, in a relaxed cheeck to cheeck that

changes endlessly and is never what it seems. The textures play

with the prints and create original trompe l’oeils thanks to the

plissè and the cuts in the garments where the flowers disappear

until they become indistinct in the length of the skirts, to then

appear unexpectedly with movement.

Botanical biodiversity between grafts of chameleonic fabrics

and multi-color overlays: experimental graphics that trace an

illustrated style and design such as in the rounded armholes,

often sleeveless, set above palazzo pants combined with a lingerie

effect top.

The volumes are to be “cultivated:” pants that extend down

to the feet or stop at the ankle, while some dresses don’t go

beyond the knee and mark the waist or have a trapezoid form;

they are animated by the play of the plissè that is transformed,

in a journey like a fan, creating a continuous exchange between

graphics and material.

The play of colors accompanies the evolution of the prints in a

unique jungle beat: the fabrics tone with the vegetation and a

sequence of greens and blues explodes that modulate the flowers

following a geometric progression; and also shades from pink to

violet with a slight, futuristic touch of microgeometry and ethnic

inspiration. Next to black and white, that are ever-present.